About Us

Our Company

Established in 2013 with the requisite million dollar capitalization and multimillion dollar fidelity coverage as Illinois’ first Independent Escrow Company, IES provides truly autonomous closing and escrow services upon request by real property attorneys and lenders on behalf of their clients.

As part of the National Bar Related® Title Network, IES accommodates loan closings in a vendor neutral capacity with statutory ability to issue Closing Protection Letters (CPLs) irrespective of which title insurance company is being utilized

With closers averaging 15 years of experience, IES has attained the highest ratings by mortgage lenders and a reputation for successfully consummating even the most difficult transactions

Utilizing the latest technology in securing client information to SOC 16 certification standards, from encrypted emails to a proprietary web based transaction management platform enabling document collaboration among attorney and others

eClosing capable with hybrid digital and “wet signing” of documents for recording bringing the best of both worlds into our attorney inclusive Counseled eClosings™